Jameson Distillery, Middleton, Co. Cork (Dec. 29, 2019)

Joey is in town! We took a quick day trip to Middleton to go and see the Jameson Distillery after going to the Bow St. location in Dublin on Joey’s first visit to Ireland. The Bow St. was a very cool experience, with a great tour guide and on the original location the tour talked a lot about the history of Jameson as well as the history of Irish whiskey in general and the process of creating Jameson.

The big difference between the two locations is that distilling no longer happened a Bow St while it did at the Middleton location. Distilling was moved to Cork a while ago as the location was closer to raw materials and offered more space. Because of this, the tour at Middleton actually walked you around the facility, and you got to see all of the old buildings and equipment that was once used for distilling. Because technology and demands have advanced, there is a completely new facility they use now which we did not walk around but it was still very interesting to see the large store houses and old copper distilling pots.

We also got to see a micro distillery they use for recipe development and training new distillers. It reminded me a lot of craft brewery set ups and R and D areas of larger breweries. Another part of the tour walked us through a cellar with barrels aging whiskey and smell the alcohol in the air which evaporates out of the barrels during aging.

Overall the trip was really nice and very interesting. I highly suggest going to both locations if able because both offer unique whiskey experiences.